Trailer PRESIDENT DIA (English) by Ousmane William Mbaye, Senegal, 2012

On December 17, 1962, Mamadou Dia, President of the Senegalese Council of Ministers, was arrested and then given a life sentence, accused of a coup d'Etat by his friend and companion Leopold Sedar Senghor. He would be imprisoned with four of his closest ministers. Among them, my uncle Joseph Mbaye, Minister of Rural Economy.

Written & Directed by Ousmane William Mbaye

Documentary - Time : 54 mns -Year of production: August 2012
Format: HDCAM SR / BETA NUM 16/9 ou 4/3 Letterbox - Stereo

Screenplay & Direction: Ousmane William MBAYE
Editing: Laurence ATTALI
Music: Amadou DOUKOURÉ
Picture and Sound: Ousmane William MBAYE- Stéphane de TRÉBONDS - Jacques PAMART - Xavier VAUTHRIN
Mixing: Laurent THOMAS - Calibration : Rémi BERGE"